#EusprYng Episode 10: Meet our British characters

This week meet our British characters: Daniel Hamilton, the Businessman and Michael Sani, the Teacher

Daniel Hamilton, the Businessman



Daniel is 27 years old he’s from Manchester and and he spends his time between London and Brussels where he works for an international public relations firm. He is running for the Conservatives party in the North West region of the UK.

The European debate, when people actually talk about the EU, in the UK focuses more on what the European Union imposes (or not) to the subjects of Her Majesty and its possible exit from it, also know in the rest of Europe as the Brexit.

Daniel believes that the UK needs the EU. It needs it for the market and the economic force it represents. Daniel wants a European Union based on trade. A European Union that helps to break down commercial barriers for a smoother functioning of international trade .

As always do not hesitate to engage and debate with him about his vision on Twitter or Facebook.

Michael Sani, the teacher


Michael is 31 years old, he is one of the masterminds behind Bite the Ballot, an NGO that took it upon itself to help young British reinvest their political power. How does it do that? In three stages: first by actions in schools and on line, that encourage young people to register to vote. Then it encourages them to inform themselves about national and European politics through educational on line games, finally it makes them understand via on line campaigns that if they do not get involved in politics, politicians will not really take them into consideration when drafting policies that have an impact on their lives.

Engage and debate with Mike and other members of the Bite the Ballot via social networks.